The International Pushkar fair

                             Pushkar Fair fastival 2020
One of the most spectacular events of his guests in Rajasthan gives an exciting experience about the more traditional aspects of Pushkar Fair.

The Pushkar Fair official program and Mela Ground will run from November 5 to November 12. The night of Purnima, Kartik Purnima 2019, religious and pilgrimage activities is Tuesday 12th November.
Importent Dates

 October 31
 Groups of camels, shepherds, horses, musicians, artists and businessmen begin to get out of the desert and start camping in the surrounding hills of Pushkar.
November 1
 More camels, nomads, farmers and businessmen arrive. Some groups roam the fair. This is the time when you can roam and observe the scene most freely.

November 2
 Arrivals continue. However due to quarantine restrictions, the number may be reduced. Trading is already occurring, vendors take several days to negotiate for the best price.
November 3
  The gathering is reaching the maximum size. Sellers and buyers groups meet around their animals and negotiate to arrange the deal.

 November 4
 Fairgrounds are being set up. The scene on the dunes is already crowded. Some people start leaving their business to end, but many camel trains are bringing people to the business in the fair. Holy men and religious groups are more numerous in the town every day.
November 5

Acrobat, Titrop Walkers, Junkies and other nomadic artists are established in and around the stadium. Many come from Nath performing communities. The official program of organized events begins. In the main attraction, from 5:30 pm in the lake, Deep Dan and Aarti, in the lake, a concert is included in the stadium from 7 pm.

November 6
 More and more people arrive. The fair is traditionally a great meeting place, exhibited and facilitated in 2 days of the official program.

November 7
 The scene on the dunes is increasingly busy and chaotic, with camels riding a car, traveling musicians and even vendors. There are cultural activities, competitions and markets around the stadium.

November 8
 Pushkar fair is more crowded in city, temples and markets. The colorful fair attracts huge crowds with ground stalls, street vendors, sidaches and ferris wheels. The stadium programs continue.
November 9
Pushkar Fair, with a large number of colorful clothes, come from rural areas to take a bath in the holy lake. A craft fair is established with handicraft stalls.

November 10
 Pushkar Mela pilgrims hoist over the streets of Pushkar and Kartik Purnima of the city buys in the fair preparing for religious festival. Competitions and events at the Mela stadium live on the Zorosoro

November 11
Pushkar Fair is the holy city's temples, ashrams and hospices. There are hymns and ceremonies in the temples, and stalls are used to enjoy the fair and fair of the fair.

November 12
 Kartik Purnima Today, thousands of devotees bath in the holy lake, it is believed that when Lord Brahma had laid the flower of the holy lotus on the ground when the lake was built.

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