Junagarh Fort at Bikaner

Junagarh Fort at Bikaner

Located in the center of Bikaner city, this fort attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Bikaner kingdom was founded by Rao Bikaji, son of Rao Jodhaji. Rao Bikaji established his fort at Rattighati after he relinquished his claim on Jodhpur. This fort 1902 AD. Bikaner was inhabited by 20 rulers. Different parts of the palace are joined by different rulers.

Karan Mahal built by Maharaja Gajsinghji
Anup Mahal by Maharaja Surat Singhji
Gaja temple by Maharaja Gajsinghji
Phool Mahal by Maharaja Gajsinghji

Chattar Mahal by Maharaja Dungar Singhji

Kanwarji resided at Dalel Niwas until his death on 19 November 1959. Maharaja Karani Singhji established the Maharaja Rai Singhji Trust in 1963 and donated the Junagadh Fort to the Trust. General public to travel. Tourists can visit the open area inside the fort where the festival of Holi was played. There are balconies around these places for queens to watch festivals and official meetings. Anoop Mahal has a 65 kg silver gate. Among the demonstrations are World War I, small telephone exchanges, weapons Palinic and many other furniture and warplanes used by the Kings.

Bikaner cultural center & Museum

The museum is located within the Junagadh palace complex.

 Inside this museum, visitors can see the contemporary art gallery, ritual craft gallery, aristocratic textiles and dress gallery, royal photography and miniature photography, glass and cut glass objects, decorative wall paintings, aristocratic transport gallery, doll houses, clothes, weapons . Inside the museum. This two-story building has several furniture and wall paintings on the top floor.

Maharaja Ganga Singhji continued to live in the Junagadh Fort till 1902 and Rajmata Maharaj It opens at 9 am (one hour before the main fort opens) and closes at 6 pm

A separate entry ticket of 20 rupees is to be taken. Still camera fee is Rs 20 / - and video camera Rs 100.

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